Elly has produced some awesome promotional content for brands such as Sony Australia, Fanta, McDonalds, Netflix, Optus, Microsoft, Dick Smith, Kelloggs, Telstra, KFC, Ben & Jerrys & more.


Elly was asked to produce a promotional  video that aligned with Fanta’s beliefs – have fun and don’t take life to seriously. Fanta arranged for Elly and her friends to have access to Wet N Wild Sydney with no one else there except the staff. That means no lines for water slides and a whole lot of fun. With some help from a drone camera crew, Elly directed, filmed, edited and produced this video.


When McDonalds launched their Create Your Taste (build your own burger) addition to their stores they didn’t hesitate to work with Elly. They wanted  digital video content that could show off how new, different, impressive and delicious this service was for McDonalds’ customers. However, it was important to get across the message in a fun and entertaining way. Find out what Elly decided to do to fit the breif:


Netflix launched in Australia in March of 2015. Netflix flew Elly to Sydney to attend the red carpet event and launch party to create some funny promotional content with the celebrity guests. See how naturally Elly interviews the Netflix celebs and has an overall awesome time.

Halfbrick Studios:

Elly was commissioned by Halfback Studios to produce some fruit-themed videos for their Fruit Ninja YouTube channel. Here’s an example below!


Elly appeared in 9 episodes of Technobabble season 1 and 3 episodes in season 2. (Technobabble is a British children’s TV show which aired on CBBC in 2014-2016). Elly was not only a presenter, she also scripted, filmed and edited the content for the episodes she was featured in.


In 2014-2015 Elly worked as a brand ambassador for Sony Australia. In this time she produced a range of promotional videos for Sony cameras and speakers. The above video was scripted and edited by Elly. Over the time Elly worked with Sony she was a presenter and videographer and would post about Sony products on her socials and many of her videos featured Sony products.

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